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I wanted to thank you for your prompt review yesterday of my scan results. Your staff also deserves thanks for their caring and diligent assistance in getting everything sorted out with the insurance company. It is much appreciated.
- Michael


Just wanted to write “Compliments” to your staff. Yesterday, was the second time I was there, starting from the receptionist, to the tech person, and to the medical records, everyone acted professionally and to say the least “very helpful”. They made a difficult situation very easy.
Compliments again to the great staff! - Karen


I just wanted you to know that your kind and calm way has gotten me though my CT scans over the last four years. I will never forget how frightened I was that first time, and your telling me when it was over to go shopping! I instantly knew I was ok. You make this test bearable and for that I will always be grateful. Know how appreciative I am that you were my lucky charm!
Thank you so very much. - Joanne


I have just finished speaking with Ms. Cohen regarding obtaining a record of a PET scan of my daughter.

I just wanted to comment on the pleasant and professional manner in which Ms. Cohen handled my request. She seemed more than happy to assist me, and made the excellent suggestion that I take a copy of the CD instead of just the written report since an f/u scan will be performed overseas where my daughter is studying.

It makes such a difference to deal with caring, sympathetic people when going through unpleasant medical issues!

I would also like to comment on “Hyder,” the tech during the PET scan. Again, during the midst of an unexpected medical crisis requiring the scan, he was SO comforting to my daughter and myself. He made us feel as relaxed as possible under the circumstances, was reassuring, and at the same time very professional.

When my daughter returns home she will have to have another PET scan. As an unpleasant as that is, we have some comfort in the fact that Hyder and people like Ms. Cohen are there to help us. - Ariella


You may not remember me. My name is Molly, and I came to you as a patient of Dr. Costantino’s in quite an “emergency” situation. I was with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law and had flown in from Florida.

It has been nearly eight months now since I had a successful surgery for a cancerous tumor on my parotid gland and subsequent radiation.

The reason I am writing is that I have never forgotten for one moment how you treated me the day you did my PET Scan. I remember changing, seeing you talking to my family and telling them how wonderful it was to see a family accompanying a patient who was going through something so scary. You then took me by the arm and escorted me to the scanning area. Of course, I put my gown on backwards (I still think it was quite a fashion statement!) What I remember so clearly was what happened next. I said to you with tears in my eyes, “I don’t know what your religion is or what your beliefs are, but would you please pray for me or send positive thoughts my way?” You took my face in your hands and replied, “My dear, you have them all.”

At a time in my life when words were more important than ever, you uttered the perfect words. It was a loving gesture that I will always hold in my heart.
Even though I do not know you in everyday life, I do feel that I know your heart. I am so very grateful that you were the person conducting my PET scan. I will never be able to adequately thank you in word or deed. Remember that what you do and how you do it are of the utmost importance to all those in your care. Wishing you abundant blessings…

P.S. After surgery for a cancerous tumor on my parotid gland and subsequent radiation, I have made a remarkable recovery! - Molly


Today I had an MRI with a technician named, “Chris.” He was very patient, informative, and encouraging with me throughout the exam. He is to be commended for his understanding attitude, and efficiency, etc. He made a not so pleasant experience quite bearable. - Heidi


Kenia was amazing when it came to setting up my procedure. She was thorough and kind. Allison, my technician, was warm and friendly. She explained so clearly exactly what my procedure would entail and what the results may be. Excellent experience. Thank you! - Evelyn


I would like to take the time to express to you my gratitude for cultivating such a wonderful and professional staff. My appointment was for an open MRI of the chest. I arrived at the office around 3pm and was helped by two of the gentleman receptionists. (I unfortunately don’t remember their names.) Both were extremely professional and polite and answered my questions with precision and with a smile. I observed how they responded to even some of your not-so-nice patients, and their demeanor never changed. Prior to my visit to Park Avenue Radiologists, I had an appointment at another MRI facility and discovered that I was extremely claustrophobic. I called before making my appointment and spoke with Dara, who kindly walked me through different websites that showcased the more modern machines at your facility. Her knowledge of the machines and her willingness to take time out of her day to speak with me really left a lasting impression. I knew, from that phone call, that I would be in excellent hands. The technicians, Paul and Maha, were warm and caring. I have very small and deep veins that roll, and they were both very careful to make sure I was comfortable while they tried desperately to insert my IV. (Tell Paul his magic spit should be marketed for a profit!) The both of them were very gentle and accommodating. I even had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Marc, who wears very handsome cuff links.

I cannot express enough how happy I am that I chose Park Avenue Radiologists. Every member of your staff seems to have been perfectly selected to represent your facility. And in my opinion, they go above and beyond to do so flawlessly. I work with Dr. Moehlen, and I made sure that I shared my experience with him. He too agrees that the next time one of our patients need any form of diagnostic testing, Park Avenue will be the place to refer to.
Thank you very much for making what was once a horrible, nightmarish experience, a very tolerable and pleasant one. - Nina


No improvements needed— great receptionists, great technician, very well organized/ efficient. Everything made easy— a pleasant experience overall.


I have had MRI's performed at Park Avemue Radiologist's over the years, and I am pleased to say that my experiences there have been positive, particularly with the staff administering the MRI. They have been supportive by explaining the procedure, by not rushing me, and by general reassurances.

I have always had the open MRI because of my claustrophobia, and I have been told by non-professionals as well as medical professionals that the open MRI is not as effective as the closed MRI. However, with the medical professionals who have received the MRI, they have reported that yours rhave been of very high caliber, specifically by the Pancreatic Department's demanding staff at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. They had informed me that it would be necessary for me to have the open MRI performed, and that it should be done at their hospital. However, when they saw the MRI's done by your staff, they were impressed and said that it would be acceptable for me to continue to have them done there. Obviously I am very pleased and do want to say a big thank you for all ofyour services, especially to the technical staff -THANK YOU. Yours truly, - Retha


I had an MRI exam done on 8/29/12, at the Park Avenue Radiology office. The MRI technician was pleasant, polite, and very efficient. He made the experience very tolerable. :Also his injection was painless. He,. had a calming effect as he set up h~s workspace and gently placed l,11e in the machine. Also, all of the staff at this facility appeared to be very capable and friendly. - Carmen


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