Patient Results
Patient Results
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Request Your Radiology Results

Result procedures are sent directly to your referring physician within twelve to twenty-four hours of having the test. Reports are faxed or emailed directly for immediate review. Any report emails are encrypted to ensure patient privacy and security. Images are available in a variety of formats including film, paper, and CD. Online access of reports and images is also available with web conferencing for referring physicians. Copies of your reports can be mailed to your address or picked up at our office. You should call one day in advance of picking up reports and images. For mammography film, a seven day notice is required to retrieve films. To request your medical records, please print, sign, and fax the below credit card information form:

How do I get my results?

With recent enhancements to our systems at Park Avenue Radiologists, we are pleased to provide you with alternative methods of receiving patient results.

Examination images are now available on CD and paper, as well as for referring physicians via the internet. Images are also available in traditional film format. The CD is complete with viewer software. To view your results, you must put the CD into your computer, and it will immediately load onto your screen. The viewer works on all Windows PCs and macs.

  • Getting images on CD allows
  • The image windowing to be adjusted
  • Color on images to be visualized
  • Measurements to be performed
  • Images to be magnified
  • The elimination of storage of large films
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