Leg MRI Scan
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Leg MRI Scan

Using magnetic resonance imaging, our radiologists are able to analyze the health of your legs and diagnose any pain or injury that may have occurred to the muscles, nerves, veins, or bones of the leg. A leg MRI scan can also detect the earliest signs of arthritis or other conditions that are not able to be seen on traditional tests, such as an X-ray. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we are proud to offer the best in patient care and radiology in NYC.

What is a leg MRI scan?

Our radiologists are able to assess the health of your femur, tibia, and fibula during a leg MRI scan. Magnetic resonance imaging allows our radiologists to easily distinguish abnormal symptoms from healthy tissues, muscles, or bones. While an MRI scan of the leg is a useful tool in diagnosing an illness, it can also be used to gauge the extent of damage that is the result of an accident, trauma, or injury.

What can a leg MRI help diagnose?

A leg MRI can help diagnose pain, discomfort, or injury to the bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, or vascular structures of the leg. An MRI of the leg can also help determine any signs of muscle injury, arthritis, or tumors. Certain conditions known as osteosarcoma (osteogenic sarcoma) can be diagnosed with a leg MRI. Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer that typically affects the longer bones that make up your arms or legs. It is important that cancers and other serious conditions of the leg be properly diagnosed as quickly as possible for the most successful treatment.

What can I expect from a leg MRI scan?

Prior to your leg MRI, you may receive a contrast dye or fluid orally or intravenously. A contrast dye helps our radiologists to better visualize the various components of your leg, ensuring the most accurate results possible. Contrast dye is not used in every MRI scan, and you will be notified prior to your test if your leg MRI scan requires contrast fluid. Our MRI machines at Park Avenue Radiologists are the most innovative, patient-friendly machines currently available. Our open-bore MRI machines are designed to be spacious and comfortable to reduce any anxiety or fear. We also encourage you to bring your own music that you will be able to listen to during your leg MRI.

How long does a leg MRI take, & when will I get my leg MRI test results?

In most cases, a tibia, fibula, or femur MRI can be completed in forty-five to sixty minutes. The length of your individual leg MRI scan may vary. Generally, if you receive contrast fluid or contrast dye, the total length of your leg MRI scan will be fifteen minutes longer. As soon as your test is done, our radiologists will begin to analyze your MRI test results. A member of our staff will contact your physician promptly when your leg MRI results are available.

How can I learn more about a leg MRI scan?

Our radiologists at Park Avenue Radiologists would be happy to discuss a leg MRI scan with you. For an appointment or additional information, please call 212.888.1000, email scheduling@parkavenueradiologists.com, or request an appointment online.

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