Foot MRI Scan
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Foot MRI Scan

A foot MRI scan uses a large magnet and radio waves in order to create cross-sectional images of your foot, which are then put together to create a detailed visualization of your entire foot. Medical resonance imaging is such a valuable tool because its precise yet comprehensive assessment of a body part or organ can help diagnose conditions that cannot be detected on a CT scan or X-ray.

What is a foot MRI scan?

A foot MRI scan provides an in-depth visualization of your foot, which can be utilized to detect any structural irregularities. Patients often undergo a foot MRI scan for chronic foot pain, instability, and difficulty placing weight on the foot, or other symptoms and conditions. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we use the most innovative medical imaging technology currently available to help provide prompt, accurate results after your foot MRI scan.

What can a foot MRI scan help diagnose?

An MRI scan of your foot or one or more of your toes may help to diagnose foot, heel, or toe pain that is caused by acute or chronic pathology involving the bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Additionally, injuries, fractures, or tears of the tissues or structures of the ankle may be identified with an ankle MRI scan. The earliest stages of arthritis can also be detected with medical resonance imaging.

What can I expect from a foot MRI scan?

We encourage you to dress comfortably and bring your own music that you will be able to listen to during your foot MRI scan. At any time during your MRI scan, you may request to pause the test and leave the MRI machine if you feel unwell, anxious, or claustrophobic. Our advanced MRI machines have extra headroom and space so that our patients are more comfortable during an MRI scan. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we value patient care and accurate, prompt results above all else. You will be able to speak directly to a radiologists during an MRI scan through a built-in speaker within the MRI machine.

How long does a foot MRI scan take, and when will I get my results?

Most patients are done with a foot MRI scan in just thirty to sixty minutes. Each foot MRI scan will vary in length depending on what you are having evaluated and if you are also have your toes or ankle scanned. The use of contrast dye or a contrast fluid, which can help our radiologists better differentiate between the anatomical structures of your foot, adds up to fifteen minutes to the total length of your foot MRI scan. We will immediately begin to work on your foot MRI results, and a member of our staff will call your physician when your foot MRI results are available.

How can I learn more about a foot MRI scan?

Our radiologists at Park Avenue Radiologists would be happy to discuss a foot MRI scan with you. For an appointment or additional information, please call 212.888.1000, email, or request an appointment online.

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