Elbow MRI Scan
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Elbow MRI Scan

An elbow MRI is a medical imaging tool that our radiologists use to see detailed images of your elbow and to assess any irregularities. An MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, which means an elbow MRI uses a magnetic field in order to create precise, accurate images of your elbow. We are dedicated to providing the best elbow radiology care available at Park Avenue Radiologists.

What is an elbow MRI scan?

Our radiologists are able to evaluate the health of your elbow and its muscles, bones, and tendons with an elbow MRI scan. Once you have completed your elbow MRI scan, our radiologists will be able to analyze your elbow MRI results and provide a clear diagnosis or evaluation on the health of your elbow.

What can an elbow MRI scan help diagnose?

An elbow MRI scan is exceptionally useful when assessing the extent of an injury or trauma to the bone, muscle, or tendons of your elbow. You may also benefit from an elbow MRI scan if you have unexplained or severe elbow discomfort or pain that radiates. Additionally, if you have a shortened range of motion in your elbow, and elbow MRI scan may help our radiologists understand what is causing decreased mobility. Arthritis of the elbow can also be identified and evaluated through a comprehensive elbow MRI scan. Our radiologists can also diagnose tennis elbow and muscle tears with an elbow MRI scan.

  • An elbow MRI scan can help evaluate
  • Shortened range of motion
  • Decreased mobility
  • Tennis elbow
  • Muscle tear
  • Trauma or injury to the bone

What can I expect from an elbow MRI scan?

You will begin your elbow MRI scan by laying down and entering our MRI machine. In some cases, contrast fluid is administered in order to help our radiologists more accurately evaluate the health of your elbow. Our state-of-the-art MRI machines are designed to maximize patient comfort and gather precise results. With a full foot of headroom, our MRI machines are spacious and help reduce any anxiety you may have about undergoing an MRI scan. If you become anxious or uncomfortable during your elbow MRI scan, you may request to exit the machine to regain composure. You will be able to speak directly to a radiologist through a speaker within the MRI machine. For comfort and entertainment, you may also listen to your own music during your elbow MRI scan.

How long does an elbow MRI scan take, & when will I get my results?

An elbow MRI scan may last from thirty to sixty minutes and can vary depending on what you are having evaluated. If any contrast fluid is administered prior to your elbow MRI scan, the total length of your procedure may be fifteen minutes longer. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we pride ourselves on providing quick, accurate elbow MRI results as quickly as possible. Our radiologists will immediately begin to analyze and interpret your elbow MRI scan results and promptly notify your physician when your MRI results are available. Your physician will then contact you to discuss your MRI scan results.

How can I learn more about an elbow MRI scan?

Our radiologists at Park Avenue Radiologists would be happy to discuss an elbow MRI scan with you. For an appointment or additional information, please call 212.888.1000, email scheduling@parkavenueradiologists.com, or request an appointment online.

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