CT Angiogram
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CT Angiogram

A CT angiogram uses computerized tomography technology to provide accurate and detailed images of your body’s vascular system. In the majority of CT angiograms, a contrast dye is administered to help our radiologists better differentiate regular and irregular veins or arteries from one another. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we are dedicated to using the most innovative and minimally invasive medical imaging techniques currently available to effectively assess heart health and prevent the possibility of a heart attack, especially in patients who are at a higher risk of heart disease.

What is a CT angiogram?

A CT angiogram, also known as CT coronary angiogram (CTA) provides a comprehensive view of your arteries that supply your heart with blood. A CT angiogram is a noninvasive imaging tool that does not require a catheter to be placed, as required during a traditional coronary angiogram. A CT angiogram uses X-rays to create images of the heart and blood vessels to assess the health of your vascular system. CT angiograms can also evaluate blockages of the arteries or valves that may need treatment.

What can a CT angiogram help diagnose?

Our radiologists can evaluate and diagnose coronary artery disease or potential blockages that can lead to a heart attack. By evaluating the health of your arteries, our radiologists can help to determine if you have coronary artery disease or if you require surgery to open your narrowed or blocked arteries for increased blood flow. Ventricular aneurysms and vascular abnormalities can also be detected during a CT angiogram.

  • CT angiogram may be suggested if you
  • Have a family history of heart disease
  • Are overweight
  • Smoke
  • Have a history of heart attacks or previous heart problems

What can I expect from a CT angiogram?

If you are receiving contrast dye intravenously, an IV will be placed prior to the start of your CT angiogram. You will lie down on the procedure table, and you will pass through the machine until your entire body has been scanned. For the most accurate results, you may pass through the machine multiple times. If the area being tested is small, you may only have to pass through the CT machine once to obtain results.

How long does a CT angiogram take, & when will I get my results?

A CT angiogram can be completed in approximately thirty minutes, but the length of each individual CT angiogram may vary. While the actual scanning process can be completed in just a few minutes, many CT angiograms take longer due to the placement of the IV. If blockages or narrow veins are detected, your CT angiogram may be longer in order to assess the severity of artery narrowing. In some cases of coronary artery disease, further testing or an additional CT angiogram may be necessary to accurately evaluate your specific symptoms. Our radiologists will begin to evaluate your CT angiogram results and send a copy of the test results to your doctor.

How can I learn more about a CT angiogram?

Our radiologists at Park Avenue Radiologists would be happy to discuss a CT angiogram with you. For an appointment or additional information, please call 212.888.1000, email scheduling@parkavenueradiologists.com, or request an appointment online.

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