Breast Ultrasound & Sonogram
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Breast Ultrasound & Sonogram

A breast ultrasound is a noninvasive breast imaging tool that can help detect and diagnose various breast abnormalities. A breast ultrasound, also known as a breast sonogram, uses no needles or radiation to obtain breast imaging results. Breast sonograms are used in conjunction with additional breast imaging tests to properly evaluate breast health if a suspicious breast growth has been found. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we combine the highest standard of patient care with the most technologically advanced imaging tests to provide the best in women’s imaging.

What is a breast ultrasound?

Breast ultrasound uses high-frequency soundwaves to produce live images of the interior of your breast. Unlike X-rays and CT scans, ultrasounds use no radiation and are safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It may also be used as a supplement to a screening or diagnostic mammography, if a suspicious mass is found or if your breast tissue is dense.

What can a breast sonogram help diagnose?

Breast ultrasounds can be used in conjunction with a breast MRI or breast mammogram to diagnose irregular or abnormal breast lumps. A breast sonogram can be used to assess and diagnose breast lumps that may not be able to be seen as easily with a mammogram. Breast ultrasound may be used to determine if a breast mass is solid, cancerous, or benign or if it is filled with fluid (benign cyst). A breast ultrasound scan can be used to show the features of the abnormal area of the breast in greater detail.

What can I expect from a breast ultrasound scan?

You will begin your breast ultrasound scan by changing into a gown and lying down on the procedure table. A gel will be placed on the breasts, and a hand-held device called a transducer will be passed over the breasts. At some points during your breast sonogram, you may be asked to raise your hands above your head. After your breast ultrasound, any remaining gel will be gently removed, and you will be able to return to your daily activities.

How long does a breast ultrasound take, & when will I get my results?

The majority of breast ultrasounds can be completed in just thirty minutes. The length of your breast sonogram may vary depending on what you are having evaluated. Following your breast sonogram, you will be able to return to your normal activities immediately. Our highly skilled radiologists will begin to evaluate your breast ultrasound results and create a report for your doctor. When your breast sonogram results are available, your doctor will contact you to discuss them.

How can I learn more about a breast ultrasound?

Our radiologists at Park Avenue Radiologists would be happy to discuss a breast sonogram with you. For an appointment or additional information, please call 212.888.1000, email, or request an appointment online.

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