Announcing 38 Years of Expertise, Technological Advances, & Quality Patient Care: Physician-Owned, Private Medical Imaging Since 1976

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2014 AT 10:36 AM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Offering patients the best radiology care, from the introduction of PET-CT to the acquisition of our Open 1.5T MRI that offers patients comfort without sacrificing the quality of imaging, over the years we have been apart of many changes in the healthcare industry. While our technology and services have remained on the forefront of medical advancement, our board certified physicians, technicians, and clerical staff are proud of our steadfast, practice goals. Since 1976, we have remained a dedicated, physician-owned and operated, private New York radiology facility. With board-certified physicians leading the daily tasks of friendly technical and clerical personnel, we have maintained a service-focused practice.   


Few things are more personal than your health. Our patients expect the best, personal attention while receiving radiology services without the worry of constraints on scheduling or insurance coverage. Whether your doctor has referred you for a screening, to confirm or rule out a particular diagnosis, aid in surgery, or to monitor an existing condition, our NYC radiologists act as consultants to your doctor. Following your examination, our physicians report their findings to your referring doctor via various modes of communication that are tailored to your physician’s specific preferences. We take great pride in giving outstanding service to both our patients and our referring doctors, so information is accurate, timely, and provided in the friendliest, most professional manner. 


At Park Avenue Radiologists PC, we were the first private medical practice in Manhattan to offer MRI scans and CT imaging technology outside the hospital setting. Our private facility offers patients a choice in radiology that is both patient and value oriented. We have the flexibility to accommodate patients that large institutions may not be able to accommodate because of our private setting and location. The ultimate goal of our team of experienced employees is to provide patients with unparalleled imaging services, and we are honored to have been able to serve our community for nearly four decades. 


Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare for all of these years.


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