Pelvis MRI NYC: The Joys of New Life with Uterine and Prostate Health

POSTED ON MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012 AT 9:27 AM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Spring is the season of life and new growth; flowers begin to bloom after April showers, and baby birds and fawns are finally born, their parents having survived the long, harsh winter. With the joy of new life in the air, spring is the perfect season for men and women to receive the most accurate scan possible to maintain their prostate and uterine health. Park Avenue Radiologists offer the pelvis MRI in New York City to provide patients with a safer and more accurate image of their uterus, ovaries, prostate, and other pelvic organs, so you can feel the joy of new life in any season.

The pelvis MRI in NY is a helpful scan for women who have had an abnormal ultrasound examination. Unlike an ultrasound, the pelvis MRI in NYC examines the characteristics of the organ’s chemical signal. This characteristic of the pelvic MRI is extremely helpful in determining the makeup of ovarian tumors. For instance, the chemical signal characteristics of dermoid tumors differ from those of endometriomas tumors. Although these two tumors appear identical in an ultrasound , the pelvic MRI can distinguish between them by detecting their chemical signal. The pelvis MRI in New York also has the ability to image in all three planes which allows it to distinguish submucosal from intramural fibroids. If a patient does have an ultrasound, also having a pelvis MRI may eliminate the need for an IVP after the ultrasound.  In addition to these technical benefits, the pelvis MRI offers personal benefits as well. Many women still considering the possibility of children often prefer the pelvis MRI compared to other scans because this scan does not involve ionizing radiation.

At Park Avenue Radiologists, women aren’t the only gender who can reap the many benefits of the pelvis MRI in NYC. Using the pelvis MRI on men to evaluate the staging of prostate cancer is becoming increasingly popular. The doctors, technicians, and staff here at Park Avenue Radiologists pride themselves on remaining in the forefront of non-invasive prostatic screening. Whether the pelvis MRI in NY is providing helpful insight on a male or female pelvis, you can rest assured that you’re placing your trust in the most accurate technology for diagnostic imaging available.

Let the advanced technology at Park Avenue Radiologists help you maintain your uterine and prostate health this spring by inquiring about the pelvis MRI in NY. The doctors and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists welcome any questions or concerns you may have about Pelvis MRI in New York or any of the other diagnostic imaging techniques that we provide in our Park Avenue New York office. You can contact us at Park Avenue Radiologists at 212.888.1000, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation.

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