Park Avenue Radiologists: The Right Medical Imaging for Your Cancer

POSTED ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2013 AT 12:30 PM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

February is National Cancer Awareness Month! At Park Avenue Radiologists, we’re constantly raising awareness about the importance of medical imaging for early detection of any abnormal signs that may signal cancer. Medical imaging is crucial when it comes to detecting cancer. Additionally, imaging in cancer care can enable less-invasive cancer diagnosis & treatment and foster effective management of cancer. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we offer state-of-the-art radiology to the New York area, including CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasounds, Breast Imaging, & PET Scans. While each of these individual technologies aid in the detection of cancer, depending on the type of cancer you are being scanned for, will help determine which radiography will best suit your individual situation.

CT Scans: Computed Tomography  Scans are among the most common imaging technologies used in diagnosing cancer.  CT scanning is often the preferred imaging in detecting cancer of the liver, pancreas, lungs, bones, stomach, intestines, and brain.  Our facility specializes in Low Dose CT Scans in Manhattan so you can feel assured that your imaging is accurate and safe.  Learn more: CT Scan NYC

MRI: When CT imaging isn’t enough, many doctors will turn to Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Using radio frequency waves, technicians can diagnose any unusual growths based on the intensity of the signal. MRI is the standard for imaging brain tumors and is often the best method of detecting cancer in the head, neck, bones, and muscles.  Additionally, MRI is often better than CT Scans when it comes to diagnosing soft tissues and in detecting early cancers, such as cervix or bladder cancer. Learn more: MRI New York City

Ultrasound: Also known as Sonography, the ultrasound specializes in distinguishing between solid tumors and fluid-filled cysts. In addition, ultrasounds can determine how far tumors of the uterus, esophagus, or rectum have spread.  Learn more: Ultrasound NYC

Breast Imaging: Breast Imaging in NYC is becoming the new standard of care when it comes to detecting breast cancer. Unlike Mammograms, Breast MRI and Breast MRI Biopsy uses a higher rate of sensitivity to detect abnormal growths a mammogram may miss. Additionally, a Breast MRI is the best test to evaluate breast implant integrity.  Learn more: Breast Imaging NYC

PET Scan: The Positron Emission Tomography is one of the most accurate imaging options when it comes to detecting the spread or tumors, or a tumors response to therapy. PET Scans use an injection of glucose to help locate tumors. Cancer cells use glucose more avidly than normal cells. Consequently, these cells will show any metabolic changes in tumors or tissues when injected with the glucose.   Learn more: PET Imaging Manhattan

You’ve heard that early detection saves lives. Don’t wait to schedule your medical imaging.  At Park Avenue Radiologists we offer the most advanced and up-to-date imaging to assist in every stage and type of cancer. Our doctors, technicians, and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists welcome any questions you may have about your screening for cancer. Call our New York City office at 212.888.1000, or request your appointment online today! 


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