Magnetic Resonance Angiogram NYC: A Family that Screens Together, Lives Together

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2012 AT 11:42 AM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Brain aneurysms can potentially occur without warning, just like heart attacks and strokes, but smoking, heroin and cocaine use, certain medical conditions, being female, and having a family history of brain aneurysms can increase the risk of having a brain aneurysm. Families who have a history of brain aneurisms and people with these increased risks should have regular magnetic resonance angiograms in New York City (MRA) at Park Avenue Radiology at least once every five to ten years for brain aneurysm screening.

Early detection of brain aneurysms can save your life. Brain aneurism screening in NY is typically recommended for people to begin screening in their early twenties if two or more “first degree” relatives have had a brain aneurysm, and patients should continue to engage in screening every 5 to 10 years. First degree relatives are considered loved ones such as your father, mother, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousin, or grandparents. Brain aneurysm screening is imperative for people with a family history because you are more likely to have multiple brain aneurysms and those ruptures are more likely to occur at a smaller size. MRA in New York City can save your life. Early detection of brain aneurisms increases your chance of successful treatment, which can be the difference between living and dying in patients whose risks are so largely increased.

Magnetic resonance angiograms in New York are wonderful for initial screening. Although their images aren’t as detailed as a catheter angiography (CTA), excellent pictures of the brain and major arteries are obtained and suitable for regular screening purposes. The MRA in New York also does not involve any radiation. Patients who suffer from clausterphobia, however, may need to be sedated for the screening, as the images take 40 minutes to take and patients must remain in a relatively confined space for that amount of time.  

Learn more about Park Avenue Radiologists and how an MRA in NYC can benefit you, especially if you and your loved ones have a family history of brain aneurisms. The doctors and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists welcome any questions or concerns you may have about MRA in NY or any of the other diagnostic imaging techniques that we provide in our Park Avenue New York office. You can contact us at Park Avenue Radiologists at 212.888.1000, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation.

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