Early Detection for Your Protection: Diagnosing Lung Cancer with CT Scans NYC

POSTED ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2011 AT 6:49 PM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

During a typical day, people inhale approximately 17,280 to 28,800 breaths daily without even conscious thought. Having a Computed Tomography scan, or CT scan in New York City, may not at first seem like a pressing priority in your list of daily activities, but all your pressing daily activities require a fundamental component in order to allow your participation: air.

Healthy lungs are an integral part of living a healthy life, and a detriment to healthy lungs is lung cancer. Although there are those who run a higher risk of developing lung cancer, such as patients who smoke cigarettes, everyone has the potential to develop lung cancer. Fortunately, you can choose to monitor your lung health for signs of lung cancer with a visit to Dr. Liebeskind, M.D.J.D. at Park Avenue Radiologist. CT scans have shown a significant reduction in deaths from lung cancer due to early detection compared to other forms of detection, such as chest x-rays. Make a CT scan in New York for early lung cancer detection a priority, so you can enjoy all your other pressing daily activities and every breath in between.

Park Avenue Radiologists offers CT scans in New York City as a method of early detection for lung cancer. During your CT scan in NYC, patients will be required to lie still on an examination table while an x-ray tube rotates around your body, taking computer images of your lungs. Should your CT scan reveal a lung nodule, further follow up visits and scans may be required to monitor the nodule.

The size and appearance of the nodule dictates how often scans should be administered. Larger nodules may require monthly scans while solid or partly solid small nodules only require annual screenings. Nodules with a ground-glass appearance could require scans that range anywhere from three to twelve months depending on its size. Park Avenue Radiologists provide the latest technology in radiology equipment, so patients can rest assured that their scan will be of the highest quality. The medical staff at Park Avenue Radiologists encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have about CT scans for early lung cancer detection in our Radiology Center in New York office. You can contact us at Park Avenue Radiologists at 212.888.1000, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation with Dr. Liebeskind. Find out more about CT Scans in NYC visit our website @ www.parkavenueradiologists.com

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