CT Virtual Colonoscopy NYC: The Convenient Colonoscopy

POSTED ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 05, 2011 AT 10:24 AM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Traditional colonoscopies involve a great amount of inconvenient and often uncomfortable preparation which could potentially included taking laxatives, a barium enema, consuming only clear liquid for one to three days, and not eating solid foods for two to three days prior to your test. This preparation for a traditional colonoscopy can disrupt your daily schedule and discourage people from participating in a helpful check-up to maintain your colon health which may result in early detection of colon cancer. The CT Virtual Colonoscopy in New York, however, provides the benefits of early colon cancer detection without the hassle of pre-test preparation, an uncomfortably invasive procedure, or a sedative. The technicians at Park Avenue Radiologists can perform a CT Virtual Colonoscopy in NY in less than five minutes. Patients will be required to follow a simple bowel preparation and air will be insufflated through the colon. The CT scan itself is taken in ten seconds during a single breath hold. Patients find the CT Virtual Colposcopy an overall more pleasant experience both in terms of preparation and the procedure itself when compared to traditional colonoscopy.

The CT Virtual Colonoscopy along with our “fly through” 3D imaging software provides a similar image to what gastroenterologists see during a traditional colonoscopy. Our new scanner maximizes the sensitivity for detecting small lesions with its volumetric imaging, protecting our patients with accurate and precise colon health updates. The doctors at Park Avenue Radiologists and their staff welcome you to voice any questions or concerns you may have about the CT Virtual Colonoscopy in our Park Avenue New York office. You can contact us at Park Avenue Radiologists at 212.888.1000, or you may make an appointment online for a personal consultation.

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