Conquering Fears Surrounding Early Detection: Screening and Diagnostic Imaging in NYC

POSTED ON MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 2013 AT 10:45 AM  by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Take a moment to consider the long term benefit of certain tests and screenings.

At Park Avenue Radiologists, P.C., your health is of the utmost importance to us. Our knowledgeable team encourages our patients and our New York City community to make informed health decisions that are most beneficial to them, as recommended by a healthcare professional.

We understand that the first step in taking control of your health is knowing. Your health is what motivates our dedicated Board Certified radiologists to vigilantly examine the images captured during your exam and promptly report their precise findings back to your doctor.


In a recent article, New York Times Wellness blogger Jan Hoffman explores a new study on the psychology behind our healthcare decisions. According to the article, “When researchers ask people why they resist getting tested, reasons like cost, ignorance of the disease’s facts and intrusiveness of the procedure are often cited. But one of the most common barriers to being tested — or finding out the test results — is fear.” To read the full article visit:

At Manhattan’s Premier Radiology Practice, we understand that some of our patients come to us with real uncertainties regarding their diagnostic exam. Our knowledgeable team works hard to reduce any stress that may be associated with a particular exam. The diagnostic and screening exams offered at Park Avenue Radiologists, P.C. are an important part of your healthcare journey. They aide your referring physician in making appropriate suggestions for treatment planning, surgical options, and mapping a plan of care with you.


From our Open MRI studies to Mammography, PET-CT and Cat Scans, to Ultrasounds and Biopsy, the report that is dictated by our team of doctors and sent to your doctor should be looked at as empowering, not fearsome. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, you are then able to make informed decisions with your doctor, taking the appropriate steps to relieve the symptoms that caused a need for an examination.

Accurate diagnosis and preventative screening exams are linked to an increased lifespan, greater treatment options, and less invasive surgeries to name a few benefits.

At Park Avenue Radiologists, P.C., we are aware of the importance of moving past the apprehension of the unknown, of being persistent with check-ups, and of seeing a specialist when recommended based on symptoms to greatly increase the chances of being accurately diagnosed and cured. The survival rates of cancer, for example, have significantly increased in the past 30 years, with earlier diagnosis playing an important role. Proper, speedy, and accurate diagnosis is our responsibility. Our service to you is to aide in your longevity.

To speak with one of our representatives regarding your radiological examination in our New York City facility, please contact our personnel at or 212-888-1000. 

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“Afraid to Get Tested? Slow Down and Think About It” by Jan Hoffman Retrieved 2013-8-20.


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