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Mark Your Calendar for Your Imaging Check-Ups with Diagnostic Radiology NYC

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2013 AT 9:44 AM by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to mark your calendars for your important check-ups and medical imaging! At Park Avenue Radiologists, we offer the most advanced, up-to-date technologies, including one of the few Open Bore MRI’s in Manhattan! In addition, we provide CT Scans, PET Scans, Breast Imaging, MRI, Bone Density Scans, & traditional X-rays! With a dedication to comfort & safety at our office, you’ll never want to skip your medical imaging needs again! Learn more about what we have to offer, and double check which scans should be recorded on your calendar:

CT Scans NYC:  If you’re a heavy smoker or a former smoker above the age of 55, it is recommended you have a CT Scan annually. CT Scans combine sophisticated imaging of the internal organs, bones, soft tissue, and blood vessels, revealing a detailed image of the lungs. At our practice, we offer Low Dose CT Scans to help detect lung disease, while using up to 65% less radiation. Learn more about Low Dose CT Scans in NYC.   

PET Imaging Manhattan: If cancer, seizures, or Alzheimer’s run in your family, it is important you schedule your PET Scans. PET Scans specialize in the dementias of the brain and are a common method of helping to detect and track the onset of Alzheimer ’s disease, as well as the focus of epilepsy seizures. In addition, PET imaging is effective in detecting cancer of the brain or if there is any recurrence of past cancer. Learn more about PET Imaging in Manhattan.

Breast Imaging NYC: According to the American Cancer Society, yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40. For women in their 20s and 30s, a clinical breast exam should be conducted every 3 years. Women who have a genetic family history of breast cancer however, should seek a breast MRI in addition to their mammograms. Early detection saves lives. Mark your calendar for your breast imaging in NYC. Learn more: NYC Breast Scan.

MRI New York City: We all know that aging comes with unwanted aches and pains. However, did you know as men and women age, the more at risk they are to develop prostate or ovarian cancer. If you are age 55 or older, it is recommended you schedule an annual Pelvic MRI in NYC. However, if you are considered at risk or have a family history, it may be recommended more often. Park Avenue Radiologists is one of only a few facilities in the city to house the Open MRI. Known as the MAGNETOM Espree, this novel system provides a comfortable scan, without the claustrophobia caused by traditional MRIS. The Open MRI fits patients of all sizes and allows patients to be scanned with their head outside the system. In addition to the open MRI, we provide Breast MRI’s for accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Learn more about our MRI in New York City.

Bone Density Scan Manhattan: If you are over the age of 55 or post-menopausal, a current smoker, or have a history of osteoporosis, then mark your calendar for a Bone Density Scan in Manhattan. Offering the advanced DEXA Scan, we can effectively monitor the mineral density of your bone for proper diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. Learn more about the Bone Density Scan in Manhattan.

Digital X-Ray New York City: When unexpected injury occurs, we’re here to provide digital x-rays for careful and comfortable diagnosis. X-Rays can diagnose uncertainties in the chest, bone, GI tract, and dental bones.  

Our physicians, technicians, and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists are happy to assist you with your imaging needs. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have about our any of our diagnostic imaging options. We encourage you to call our office at 212.888.1000, or visit our website and schedule your appointment online.


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Swift Scanning will Help Catch Osteoporosis

POSTED ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2012 AT 4:44 PM by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Osteoporosis affects an average of 10 million Americans. Osteoporosis causes a decrease in bone density and an increased risk in bone fractures. In addition, women who are post-menopausal are at greater risk of the disease due to a loss of estrogen that normally supports bone growth.

Our bones are made of living and growing tissue. An outer shell of sponge like bone surrounds the bone. When bone weakens, the holes in this sponge like bone grow larger, weakening the internal structure of the bone. Unfortunately, many patients do not realize they have osteoporosis until their weak bones cause fractures or injury.

Though women are more at risk of developing osteoporosis, it is recommended that both men and women over the age of 65 have regular bone density scans. Women who are post-menopausal, current smokes, or have a family history of osteoporosis however, should consider being scanned as early as possible. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we offer the DEXA scan to help determine and monitor the mineral density of your bone for proper swift diagnosis of any lost bone.

Learn more about the bone density scan in Manhattan

During your Dexa Scan, our technicians at Park Avenue Radiologists will take measurements of you lower spine, hip, and sometimes the wrists. During your scan, you will be asked to lie still on the examination table while the machine passes over your body for accurate measurements. After your scan, you will receive a report in the form of two scores, a T score and a Z score.

T scores represent the amount of bone you have when compared with the peak bone density of a young adult. This will help estimate your risk of developing fracture. Similarly, the Z score will indicate the amount of bone loss you have compared to others in your age group of the same size and gender.

If you are a post-menopausal woman, have a history of smoking, have a family history of osteoporosis, or are taking medications known to cause bone loss, consider scheduling a bone density scan in Manhattan. Our doctors, staff, and technicians at Park Avenue Radiologists welcome any questions you may have about your bone density scan in Manhattan. Contact our New York office at 212.888.1000 or request your appointment online today!


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Squeezing In Your Imaging Needs Before The Year Ends with X-Ray NYC!

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2012 AT 9:25 AM by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Happy Holidays from our office to you! Our doctors, technicians, and staff would like to wish all of you and your loved ones a warm, safe, and happy holiday season!  Before you are caught up in the upcoming reunions and celebrations, don’t forget to schedule any of your yearly imaging needs that you missed. If you have any concern about your health that requires medical imaging, it’s not too late to schedule your appointment in time to start the New Year off healthy! At Park Avenue Radiologists, we provide general diagnostic imaging, specializing in the digital x-ray in NYC.

While many people think that diagnostic x-rays are only made to scan the bones, this advanced form of imaging extends beyond simple diagnosis. X-ray technology can examine and help diagnose the bones and teeth, including fractures and infections, arthritis, dental decay, osteoporosis, and bone cancer. In addition, x-rays can show any abnormal signs in the lungs, chest, or abdomen.

Unfortunately, too many people skip out on their imaging needs even after suffering from injury or trauma. Others simply pass up their annual exams, not realizing that even though they may not be in pain, genetic or hereditary conditions that call for annual x-rays can in fact be hidden within the body. Avoiding exams, results in future pain and conditions that may worsen. If you’ve been living in pain, or have an overdue imaging need, let our doctors and technicians of Park Avenue Radiologists assist in a diagnosis that will help you enjoy the New Year.

At Park Avenue Radiologists, we provide state-of-the-art digital x-rays and fluoroscopy units. This means your images are readily available immediately following your scan. These images can be stored electronically as well, for easy comparison of your prior scans.

There’s still time to squeeze in your imaging needs you may have missed during the year! When you suffer from injury or have any concern that needs imaging needs, let our technicians and doctors at Park Avenue Radiologists provide you with the clear, comfortable, and accurate digital x-ray in NYC.  Contact our office at 212.888.1000, or request your appointment online.


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Comfort & Superior Image Quality for Every Sized Patient with Open MRI New York City!

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2012 AT 3:22 PM by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Do you suffer from claustrophobia? According to the American Psychiatric Association, 5% of American adults suffer from claustrophobia. Many of these suffers struggle their whole lives coping with the fear of enclosed spaces. When it comes to medical imaging, some patients have been known to terminate their scans early due to high levels of anxiety, while others simply avoid their imaging needs all together. When it comes to feeling relaxed during your medical imaging, trust the experts at Park Avenue Radiologists. Our technicians take the time to understand you and create the most comfortable scans possible. As one of the first facilities in New York to offer Open Bore MRI, it is clear that we want to help our patients emotionally and physically on the path to their diagnosis and treatment.

 At Park Avenue Radiologists, we proudly offer the advanced open MRI in New York City, the Magnetom Espree. One of the few radiology facilities in the city to offer this open MRI, we guarantee you a restful scan with the accuracy you deserve. The open bore MRI in New York City offers all the qualities of traditional scanners, with the comfort of a CT scan. In fact, if you can tolerate a CT scan, then our open MRI is easy!

The Magnetom Espree is perfect for larger patients, the elderly, and kids alike. Consequently, this open bore MRI provides adequate space between you and the machine, making it the perfect option for those who may easily experience claustrophobia, a tight fit, or difficult accessibility in a traditional MRI machine.

Learn more about the open Open MRI in New York City

In addition to comfort, there are several advantages of the open bore MRI in Manhattan. This novel system allows you to undergo your imaging needs with your head outside the tunnel. It also comes equipped with a conjoined stereo system, for easy communication with your technician. Furthermore,  The Magnetom Espree uses powerful 1.5 Tesla technology. The 1.5 Tesla technology produces superior image quality by using a high field strength magnet, which increases the speed and accuracy of your MRI, so you can be in and out quickly, with the security of precise imaging results. 

Our physicians, technicians, and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists are happy to assist you with your imaging needs. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have about our advanced open bore MRI. We encourage you to call our office at 212.888.1000, or visit our website and schedule your appointment online.


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Park Avenue Radiologists Welcomes Our Newest Physician, Carolyn Boltin, MD!

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2012 AT 4:16 PM by Dr. Marc Liebeskind

Our doctors and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists would like to welcome our newest radiologist, Carolyn M. Boltin, M.D., to our team! Dr. Boltin comes to our office with a respected background of educational and clinical knowledge. Graduating at the top of her class, she received her M.D. at Brown University School of Medicine. Upon completion of her M.D., Dr. Boltin went on to several postgraduate entities. She served as musculoskeletal fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, radiology resident at Cornell Medical Center, and medicine intern at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  

Along with her prestigious education background, Dr. Boltin has experience working at the New York University Epilepsy Center, where she assisted as a clinical research intern. In addition, she served as general and musculoskeletal radiologist at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and emergency department and assistant professor of Radiology at New York University Medical Center. Learn more about Dr. Boltin:

At Park Avenue Radiologists, our teams of dedicated physicians and staff members strive to provide patients with unmatched imaging services. Our center is fully licensed by the state of New York and accredited by the American College of Radiology. We offer advanced radiology in New York including, MRI, Breast Imaging, Bone Density Scan, CT Scans, and the PET Scan. Our staff looks forward to working with Dr. Boltin and welcome patients to come and meet our newest member!

Our physicians, technicians, and staff at Park Avenue Radiologists are ready to assist you with your imaging needs. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to radiology in New York. Contact our office at 212.888.1000 or request your appointment online with our newest New York Radiologist, Dr. Carolyn Boltin!


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