Abdominal And Pelvic CT Scan
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Abdominal & Pelvic CT Scan

Abdominal and pelvic CT scans are used to detect diseases of the colon, bowels, and internal abdominal organs. Cat scans use computed tomography to help evaluate symptoms and diagnose diseases and other medical conditions. Radiologists often use CT scans to determine the cause for unexplained chronic pain. CT scans can also determine the extent of internal trauma or internal bleeding quickly, which provides ample treatment time. At Park Avenue Radiologists, we provide unmatched patient care and radiology in NYC.

What is an abdomen and pelvic CT scan?

An abdomen CT scan or pelvic CAT scan creates numerous images that can help our radiologists to assess the health of your internal organs. By taking cross-sectional pictures of the body, CT scans allow our radiologists to combine these images to create a three-dimensional picture of your internal organs. Another benefit of CAT scans is that they are a quick, accurate diagnostic tool that provides more detail than X-ray imaging.

What can an abdomen and pelvic CT scan help diagnose?

Issues such as unexplained pain, chronic pain, or pain related to an internal injury can be evaluated through an abdominal or pelvic CT scan. A pelvic CAT scan or abdomen CT scan can help detect the presence of bladder stones or kidney stones. Bladder, liver, kidney, pancreatic, and ovarian cancer, as well as lymphoma, can also be diagnosed through an abdominal CT scan. Certain kidney or appendix infections such as appendicitis can be diagnosed from an abdomen CT scan. Our radiologists also may look for liver cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease, or inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • An abdominal or pelvic CT scan can help diagnose
  • Chronic pain
  • Internal injuries
  • Bladder stones
  • Kidney stones
  • Certain cancers
  • Infections of the appendix
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Crohn’s Disease

What can I expect from an abdomen and pelvic CT scan?

To begin your abdominal CT scan, you will lie down on a table. In some cases, you may need to lie in specific positions, hold your breath, or move parts of your body so that our radiologists are able to gather images from different angles. Oral contrast is often given for CT scans that include the abdomen and pelvis. The oral contrast is swallowed and travels through the gastrointestinal tract. The intestines then appear white on the CT images. Some pelvic CT scans or abdominal CT scans require that you have a barium shake prior to the start of your CAT scan. The patient will slowly enter the circular CT scan machine. You may enter and exit the CT scan machine multiple times in order to obtain the most accurate, clearest images possible.

How long does a pelvic CT scan take, & when will I get my results?

The length of your abdominal CT scan will vary depending on if you are receiving contrast dye or a barium shake. In addition, the length of your pelvic CAT scan will vary depending on what you are having evaluated. If you are unable to lie still, our radiologists may have to redo sets of images in order to obtain clear, precise images. The majority of pelvic and abdominal CAT scans can be completed in just ten to thirty minutes. Our radiologists will begin to review your pelvic CT scan results; most CAT scan results can be interpreted in just one day. When your CAT scan results are available, a member of our staff will contact your physician.

How can I learn more about an abdomen and pelvic CT scan?

Our radiologists at Park Avenue Radiologists would be happy to discuss an abdomen and pelvic CT scan with you. For an appointment or additional information, please call 212.888.1000, email scheduling@parkavenueradiologists.com, or request an appointment online.

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